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Who we are

PT. Pugajinou was established in 2005 in Banda Aceh, NAD, Indonesia. In 2009, it opened its branch office in Jakarta with the legal name PT. Pugajinou Cabang Jakarta. Since early 2016, this branch office operates as a legally and financially independent entity with the name PT. Pugajinou International Consulting.

PT. Pugajinou International Consulting has pride and confidence in having established a committed and balanced multinational partnership of on-call professionals (Pugajinouís associates) who are experienced consultants in various sectors and disciplines in line with the main fields of focus of the firm, each with proven in-depth expertise and experience in Indonesia and abroad. These professionals bring with them a broad range of expertise and experience.

Significantly, Pugajinou and all of its experienced associates Ė they are in fact Pugajinouís most valuable assets and resources Ė bring with them a developed and profound understanding of and a respect for ethnic, religious, and cultural attributes and traditions as well as an acknowledged concern for local and environmental issues.

Pugajinou is determined that all professional advice given will be reliable, trustworthy, business- and market-driven, legally verified, procedurally clear and in strict accordance with the latest management techniques and best practices.

The experience and dedication of Pugajinouís associates provide understanding and contacts from top central and local government entities as well as to rural village and community areas. This valued expertise and network, in addition to our program management capability, is readily shared with our clients and prospective clients to achieve effective solutions and outcomes based on agreed needs and programs.

Pugajinou's on call associates have worked on a range of projects in various positions such as Team Leader, Program or Project Manager in complex multi-ethnic working environments where they were responsible for guiding, supervising and directing international teams as well as client reporting. They are familiar with procedures and practices of donor agencies and local governments (at all levels of governance).

Pugajinou employs a small staff responsible for day-to-day management of the firm. The professional permanent staff of Pugajinou and many of its associates are experienced in financial management and accountability, project implementation as well as contract management in accordance with standard procedures, regulations and best practices, performance monitoring and quality assurance, and have profound knowledge of regional and local institutional issues, government policies and local/ regional cultures.

In terms of project implementation, we believe that development projects of any kind will only be sustainable if the mind-set of all parties involved (project designers, funding agencies, governments, beneficiaries such as local communities and CSOs, and the private sector) changes in order to support and achieve project objectives and goals. If an internalized change of behavior is not achieved, conditions tend to revert to the status quo ante once the project is terminated. The accompanying chart shows the processes and elements involved.

Scope of Services

PT. Pugajinou International Consulting focuses on providing services in the following sectors:

  • Education/ Training/ Human Resources Development

  • Environment and Agriculture

  • Social Development and Institutional Strengthening

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